Yael k & Associates

We specialise in thinking outside the square when it comes to spatial design, building materials and construction methods, Yael K are well placed to help you bring your dreams to reality, we offer a concept design service that can be specifically tailored to your individual requirements and budgetary needs. CONTACT US to realise your dream home. 

Design solution

site analysis & budget FEASIBILITY

Utilising over 40 years of experience, along with our multidisciplinary approach, Yael K Concepts works with you to match you and your family's needs, lifestyle, and budget to an award winning building design solution.

Space planning + CONCEPT Design

Space planning is one of the most important aspects of building design, along with creating a timeless custom appeal. We specialise in capitalising on any possible aspect of your site to exploit a functional floor plan that suits your needs.

Space Planning

Builder Appraisal


Builders are not hard to find, however, Great Builders sometimes are! Designers often work with the same trusted contractors who they know will do justice to their designs. Because of this, we offer a concept design tendering process to help pair you with the right builder for your project!