It All starts With A Concept....

concept design sketch

You have your eye on a block of land. With that comes the question How can I get the most out of it?

At Yael K & Associates, we are building designers and luxury lifestyle designers. Drawing from 40+ years of experience within the Architectural and Building industry we can achieve it all for you.

Your journey starts with a well designed concept, this is where our experience and passion are a Blue Chip investment. You can rest assured that the next steps you take on your building journey, have you are armed with the right tools and information to get you into your bespoke modern home the right way from the beginning.

And just how does that happen, What is involved? Let us break it down into 3 phases for you.

Site Analysis & Budget Feasibility

What type of block are you looking at building on, where are the aspects, the prevailing breeze and solar orientation?

What is your budget, does this include landscaping, does this include furniture?

These are the major questions we keep in mind ensuring there are no surprises for you down the line. Matching you and your families needs, lifestyle and budget to an award winning building design solution that is massaged into your new block.

Space Planning & Concept Design

Once we have a complete understanding of the site and your needs the spatial planning is then considered. Being one of the most important aspects of a home building design we capitalise on any possible aspect of your site and exploit a functional floor plan that creates a timeless custom appeal suiting your every need.

We ensure that you understand every aspect of your homes design intimately with 3D and 2D visual aids.

Building Appraisal

Now to find you that perfect builder.

Designers often use a pool of trusted contractors who they know will do justice to their designs and give an outstanding finished product. Because of this choice, we offer a concept design tendering process to help pair you with the right builder for your project. Allowing us to hand over to the selected builder so nothing may get lost in translation.

The best building is that built on the best foundations. It is the same with design whether it is whole house design, interior design, renovation or even kitchen remodelling. It is our pleasure to custom design your home right from the beginning so it works with your every need. Our Concepts package allows you to take that excellent foundation and take it on its own journey and if required you can always engage us further with our Yael K Exclusives package.

Contact us today for your next Yael K concept Design.

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