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Hi there and we hope you have had a great start to 2018.

Thank you for following us and seeing what we are up to. We have a whole lot of fun coming up this year that we know you will enjoy.

Ever wanted to know why coming to us as a building designer is the best start your project can have? We will be trying to answer some of these frequently asked questions and more in the coming months, so you will be armed with the knowledge to help you make the right decision.

What about the phrase "Solar Passive" design? Yes, we incorporate this a lot in our designs and will be discussing how it can benefit you in the comfort of your home and even your bills. 

How about those products that you know are out there but not sure what will work for you? We will be looking into a few new ones on the market and how they stack up with the old and what new colours work with today's colour pallets.

This is all we are going to let you in on now but keep following our Blog for these enjoyable reads and more. Dont forget to like us on Facebook or Instagram so you know when our new Blogs are up or so you can see beautiful glimpses of our designs. 

Happy 2018 from the Team at Yael K & Associates.