Smart Phone, Smart Watch, Smart TV why not a smart kitchen?

We often design kitchens for clients with many hidden elements that only we, and the user (the client) know exist. The particular kitchen we are showcasing today is our delightful BLUM furniture hardware filled design. Two of the main fittings used in this kitchen were the Aventos bi-fold lift system & Aventos lift up. These Austrian cleverly designed products provide ease of access in many different ways.

City Beach 2017 (4).jpg

Let's start at the Appliance cabinet, its single fold up door allows for simple everyday items to be used (yes, I'm saying it) every day, but then able to be hidden away directly after use, instead of keeping them visible on the bench or with the pain of packing them away off the bench into an underneath cabinet. Creating the immediate look of a clean clear bench top we all strive to maintain in our kitchens.

Along with that clean, clear bench top we are all now envious of; do you also ducking and dive from over head cabinet doors that are swung out in your way when accessing something from them? With the fold up options available you can keep the taller members of your family heads bump free. Do not worry they have a solution for the shorter members of the family. You can upgrade to an electronic open and shut Servo-Drive so a simple swipe in the lower corner of the over head cabinet gently closes the door for you. This type of product is well worth the upgrade for certain cupboards when designed right.

The extent is almost endless when having us design your kitchen, and often practicality and functionality should be prioritised for each zones usage. There are many different companies out there providing amazingly smart kitchen products, and more being developed all the time. The best thing to keep in mind from the start is to make sure the product suits you and your kitchen design. As the old saying goes keep it simple....