A Revisit to the Smart Kitchen

I love this kitchen so much I wanted to revisit it and give you more. We previously covered the Blum lift up and Bi-fold lift systems, but there are a few more fun items in this kitchen that will knock your socks off.  So just for a little holiday reading I want to let you know what else is hidden away.

City Beach 2017 (6).jpg

If you watch reality TV and have seen all the renovation shows you know what a Butlers pantry and scullery are. Would you believe me if I told you this kitchen is home to one too? Take a closer look at the cabinet door in the far corner. You may have already picked up in our previous blog article images that the line of the cabinet varies slightly. This is because we cleverly hid a scullery behind. Take a look inside. 

City Beach 2017 (1).jpg
City Beach 2017 (11).jpg

Ah-ha! That is where the microwave was hidden.  Not just a small scullery too. Designed with plenty of room to work and flow in and out between the main kitchen.

So what else does this kitchen have? Keeping your eye in the same cabinet wall you can now see there is a secondary breakfast bar, appliance cabinet on the far left. With its own bench space and power points all hidden behind some pocket doors. Providing a simple one stop area to go to for an easy, simple breakfast that can disappear as fast as the best, tasty bits at a family dinner. 

You would now have concluded that the double doors in the middle of this wall cabinet are fridges and you would be right. Cleverly integrated fridges form the final element of this smart kitchen wall cabinet and finish off the seamless look. Providing the users with a well defined work space when preparing any type of meal.

For those of us lucky to still be on holiday I will detain you no more and those who are not on holiday, I am glad I was able to give you some rest bite from your busy day. We look forward to talking kitchens with you soon.

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