Yael Kurlansky

Yael Kurlansky


PROFILE | Yael Kurlansky

Yael Kurlansky is the driving force behind the creative team at Yael K & Associates.

A highly driven and passionate designer, “she accesses a certain kind of magic which permeates throughout her designs” (Sunday Times).

She has won numerous State and National design awards during her successful career spanning over 30 years.

Always striving for perfection, down to the last detail, she designs with a holistic approach, combining all facets of building, interior and landscape design.

Yael is a versatile designer and a great listener – resulting in a personalised and individual home.

“It’s a question of addressing everything. Lateral thinking – and working spaces cleverly rather than just filling in the squares” – Yael Kurlansky

phone: +61 [0] 418 914 060 | email: yael@yaelk.com.au

Wesley Wark

Wesley Wark

PROFILE | Wesley Wark

Wesley Wark is an inspiring and motivated designer who has a creative approach to any situation.

Wes has been fortunate enough to have gained a very diverse set of skills by working in many locations and environments throughout Australia, including most disciplines of architecture. He feels this broad exposure has helped shape his career by learning directly from past employers, mentors, and peers who all have been specialists in their fields.

Please get in touch If you think I may be the designer you’re looking for, or see what Yael K & Associates can do for you.

phone: +61 [0] 433 677 311 | email: wes@yaelk.com.au