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"Before I even put pen to paper, I think a few decades ahead. Would people still love this fifty years into the future? What materials would have the durability for a timeless appeal? ..........................................."
YAEL K EXCLUSIVES takes a holistic approach to designing your home from the ground up, not only do we handle all aspects of Building Design, we also incorporate our extensive expertise in Landscape Design and Interior Design allowing us to manage every part of you luxury home build, from initial concepts design, through to the moment you walk into your new home. 


Below is a snapshot of some of our recent works, for more photo's and project details please have a look in our PROJECTS gallery.

Building Designers Perth

A home without well-contemplated design is no better than a body without a soul. At Yael K & Associates, we aim to breathe life into your property and give you a wonderful living environment where you can be yourself and relax after a tiring day at work. If you want a luxury home design on a budget, we are confident to make the ends meet for you. Simply call our experts for a quick consultation so that they can devise a design plan after assessing your property. The design should be ready to run by you as soon as possible in order to accommodate any changes in the last minute.

Custom Luxury Home Designs Perth

Yael K & Associates is widely acclaimed for providing custom design ideas to create a luxury home for individuals and relatively big families. If you like the idea of living in a home that feels personal and gives a sense of sheer comfort, we can certainly help you achieve your ideal space. Our residential building designers in Perth provide the most exemplary home design solutions at a modest price. The best thing about our house designers in Perth is that they are highly experienced and can work around any budget. So, if you have a vision that should be interpreted precisely, let us do the hard-work for you.

Luxury Home Designers Perth

Yael K & Associates has a team of building designers in Perth that takes a holistic approach to custom design luxury homes on contemporary lines. A luxury home is more than just expensive furniture and modern amenities in place. There are certain aspects that can be incorporated in the design process such that your luxury home is defined exactly how you want it to be. Living in a luxury home is an experience which is no more limited to a certain class. Anyone with a humble budget can enjoy the perks and pleasure of owning a luxury home. All it takes is the right kind of home designer on board. Call Yael K & Associates to get started.